By partnering DIYers and YellaWood we were able to mobilize the fight against boring backyards. We created a series of :15 second films that illustrated how simple life hacks could prevent foibles from harshing one’s mellow. These film shorts drove folks to downloadable plans complete with step-by-step instructions and material checklists enabling DIYers of all skill levels to take these projects head-on.

  • DIY hack videos for web and social media

  • Slice of life demo videos

  • Product built, accurate CAD 3D design and Physical Models

  • Cinemagraphs, GIFs/loopable videos

  • VFX composite for live action and CGI integration

  • Promotional teasers for the campaign

  • Micro website

  • Process, case study and sizzle reel videos



  • Over 5 Million Impressions reached within the first month on Facebook and Instagram

  • All-Time Most Viewed YellaWood video on YouTube with 1,079,563 views per video

  • Top 3 Most Popular YellaWood videos, all 3 spots taken by Backyard Better campaign

  • 40 Animated and Live Action Videos with 14 Story Lines, Delivering 10x the assets originally asked for by our client


Director, Creative Director
Cinematographer, Editor, 3D Artist
ACD, Screenwriter

UX Lead, Dev

Art Director

Music Composer

1st AD
Account Director
Account Manager
Project Manager
Cast #1

Cast #2

Cast #3

Matt Blackburn
Ehsan Abbasi

Jeff Shill

Chris Fox

Warner Whatley

Johnathan Eller
Stephen Ostrander
Jerry Pece

Zak Cochran
Jenny Williams
Babette Griffith

Brandon Malcolm
Courtney Witt
Carly Holtzman

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