"Matt and Ehsan exceeded the standards... So, basically, if you want to book their time, you’ll need to physically fight me for it."

_Lexi Corn
Creative Director at Iris Worldwide

The HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, community is fiercely tight-knit and as dedicated to training as they are to each other. When Reebok launched the first shoe specifically designed and engineered for the rigors of HIIT training, they knew they had one shot to present it in an authentic way or risk it not being accepted by the HIIT community. ORDER was tasked with showing the defining features of the new HIIT TR shoe through technically accurate choreographed moves. We wanted to ensure every detail felt familiar and resonated with the HIIT subculture from the look of the HIIT studio down to the nuanced individual differences in technique. Our execution delivered all of the above in a very dynamic way all while capturing a robust library of assets.

  • Over 120 assets including Animation and Live Action Videos, Still Photographs, GIF/Cinemagraphs, 3D Launch Zone Simulation, Product Turnaround and Design and IG Stories, Delivered.

  • All captured in 2 Production days



  • 30s hero HD video spot in 10 variations, horizontal and vertical

  • 05 x IG stories

  • 15 x cinemagraphs/GIFs

  • 72 x still photographs



Dynamic high resolution pictures for print, out of home, web and social

#Hasselblad #H6D-50c #SonyA7RIII #Zeiss #HSeriesLenses



Pre-production and detailed planning with electronic press kit and fluid content

#SubPop #RnD #PBR #EPK #LookForecast #PreViz #FluidContent

Location reference pictures to PBR 3D simulation for planning



Client testimonial, Jan 18, 2020

Full disclosure: I’m a severely type A creative director with trust issues and borderline-insurmountably high standards. So it should come as no surprise that I can count on one hand the production partners who I would really look forward to working with a second time.

In this scenario, ORDER has a permanent position on my index finger.

Iris worked with Matt and Ehsan on a deeply detailed and deliverable-heavy project for a major fitness brand, and found them to be true partners to our creative team. Now, a lot of people say things like that in written recommendations, so, allow me to elaborate on the aforementioned statement:

What made ORDER Disruption an extraordinary partner was their profound personal investment in our project. From the very first meeting, they were really listening… absorbing and almost committing to memory those tiny campaign nuances that are, in actuality, a huge deal (you know the kind).

During pre-pro, they made our problems their problems - helping us navigate last minute creative challenges that, in actuality, weren’t their responsibility to solve. They further supported our team with 3D renders of sets and products, intricate shooting boards and highly detailed shot lists - all of which helped sell our ideas in to our client, and quelled the anxiety of one “severely type A” creative director. Throughout the entire production process, they added value time and time again, elevating the work in a way that didn’t toss the creative vision, or the client mandatories, by the wayside. So, yes, a true partner, indeed.

As rare of an occasion it is for me to be a return customer to a production house, it is a far rarer occasion for me to say that Matt and Ehsan exceeded the standards I set for myself, my team and our collaborators, and I would be happy to entrust them with any creative project that lands on my desk. (So, basically, if you want to book their time, you’ll need to physically fight me for it.)

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